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The Eiffel Tower is really one of the greatest milestones in all around the world, which is quite popular & famous. It comes in the list of greatest seven wonders of the whole world. Till 1930, it was the tallest building of the world after that Chrysler Building took its place. It has a great 120 years historical experience, which is really amazing.

Luxury Tours to Paris and the Riviera
If you are making a plan to go for the best luxury tours to Paris and the Riviera then you must have a guideline of all great place of Paris. There are many places, which is really amazing & fantastic. There are Eiffel Tower and the Champs-Elysées, which is quite popular & famous but, apart of them Saint Chapelle, is one of amazing place in Paris. This is made by Louis IX to hold a piece of the true cross and Jesus' crown of thorn

Reason of Eiffel Tower Building
Eiffel Tower is one of most precious and most appreciable building of the world. It has contained in the list of seventh wonders of the world. It is the landmark of France, and most identifiable place of France. It has been made for World Exhibition of 1889, and it is also called Paris Exposition. The date of building 1889, it was the 100th anniversary date Revolution of France. It has been also made for exhibition of advance technology and beauty of France.

Eiffel Tower | Identification of Paris | Land Mark of Paris
Eiffel Tower is one of the most identifiable places of the world, it has been made in 1889 and it has got the title of world tallest tower. It is the nuance work architecture or engineering. It has become the landmark of France. Most of the people around the world are known France with the name of Eiffel Tower. Approximate 200 million people

Eiffel Tower | One of the Precious Building of France | History, Magnificence and Qualities
Eiffel Tower is very popular and identifiable tower of the world. It is not only a simply building, but also it is an identification of Paris, France. Eiffel Tower is to be evidence for Paris aptitude. France is having an excellent talent, and most artist of the world belongs to France. An individual can get one the most reputed and popular museums in the France. Eiffel Tower is most beautiful and fascinating tower of the France. It is having a giant height with superior imaginative structure.
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